Day 23: Balanced Forces Whiteboarding

This blog could probably have just been called 180 shades of whiteboarding. Honestly, that’s mostly what we’re doing on any given day in class. And it’s awesome.   Honors students are working on the football player problem in the BFPM packet. This scene was followed by some excellent discussion and questioning while they worked on internalizing Newton’s 1st Law. Continue reading Day 23: Balanced Forces Whiteboarding

Day 15: Empirical Force Law Experiments

One section of Honors Physics had a lab period today, and we used the time to investigate the relationships between mass and weight and between spring force and spring stretch. We finished our boards, spent some time making the equations into a good format (using meaningful symbols, getting rid of the +/- we learned about from using LinReg, and putting units on our slopes), then … Continue reading Day 15: Empirical Force Law Experiments

Day 14: Whiteboard Face-off

We ended our whiteboard face-offs on Friday and Saturday in Honors Physics in unsatisfying places (right before coming to a consensus). Today, we’re picking them back up and putting Newton’s 1st Law to good use. We’re working our way through our first practice set in our Balanced Forces packet. They will practice some FBDs tonight, and we’ll get to do some empirical force laws in tomorrow’s … Continue reading Day 14: Whiteboard Face-off