Day 15: Finishing the “Box Problem”

The morning section of Physics 10 got the chance to finish the cardboard box problem during the first half of class. (Just for reference—classes only meet 3 days each week.) I could write a lot of awesome things that students said, but I will make this post short and just show these two photos of the discussion that make me really happy.

Board Meeting 1Board Meeting 2

This gives the best sense that I think you can get in static pictures of how amazing these discussions were. You can see how engaged students are in seeing and understanding each others’ work. I especially love the student raising his hand who is obviously seeking attention from a peer, not from me (since I’m the one taking the photo).

What a cool group of kids to get to share these experiences with! (Also, what an amazing thing to get them trained for this sort of work after a year of Modeling Chemistry.)

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