Day 6: Quarks, Whiteboards, and What in the world are capacitors doing?

The Modern Physics class had a board meeting to discuss the rules they came up with for how quarks combine.

board meeting

They also watched a couple of Physics Girl videos to give more overview of quarks and then went on a particle adventure.

Both of my Physics 10 sections met today. Both classes finished the Constant Velocity Particle Model packet on paper and have only a couple of whiteboard left to present to finish it completely.

They continued to work on group work through the group roles we’ve been using, too. Skeptic definitely seems to be everyone’s favorite role. “But how do we KNOW that?”

The Circuits class moved on the Unit 2 in the CASTLE curriculum and got to play with a new toy (capacitors). It was immediately engaging as the circuit didn’t behave at all how they expected it to. Some students even thought the batteries might be dead since nothing happened in the first circuit we made. Then they were confused why the bulbs would light at all since there is an insulator in the circuit.

They came up with lots of ideas about what is happening (charge moving both directions from the battery and being stored in the capacitor, the same thing but with charges only moving on one side of the battery, maybe charges can move through the insulator, but only a few of them) and lots of questions and experiments that they wanted to try. It was awesome. What a fun class to get to play with for two trimesters!

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