Day 13: Newton’s 2nd Law Experiment

We started Unbalanced Forces, so now we’re really doing physics! Of course, we started by doing an experiment. It was so cool to jump into our first real pre-lab with kids who’ve been there with me before. I showed them something and they exclaimed, “Observations!” and started listing them before I even really finished showing them the relativity exciting thing.

They drew an FBD for the fan cart moving on the track while no one was touching it.


And then they got together their ideas for what they could measure and how they could measure it.


We don’t have enough of the right equipment right now, but we scraped together 4 groups worth of materials and worked it out. Here’s one group’s setup.


And some LoggerPro action.


And physicists at work.

A great photo! I almost never look at the photos I take until the end of the day because I’m just clicking quickly in between everything I’m doing. This one was a nice surprise. Love it.

I think we just barely got all of the data taken today. We will do the analysis, board meeting, and take the quiz we were supposed to take today during tomorrow’s class.

Here’s a preview of one group’s first time using LinReg. ❤️


Okay, and here’s one more photo of another group at work. And our pile of lab coats. Which reminds me that we need to get some coat hooks for the wall instead of that pile.


Today, I was really impressed with this class’s engagement, focus, competence with using the equipment (only their second time and almost no help needed to get it all running!), competence with thinking about measurements, and, you know, just general awesomeness. Love, love, love.


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