Day 11: Bear and the Honey and the final day of CAPM

We spent our Mechanics class solving problems and working on good habits (keeping units attached to numbers, using physically meaningful symbols). I let it take up the time today, and I went around to different groups as they worked to get as many people as possible to see how using the slope and the area of the v-t graph wasn’t as overwhelming as it seemed at first. We’re ready to start Unbalanced Forces next week. Let’s go! (Actually, I am glad that I have until Wednesday to figure out the lab for UBFPM because we definitely don’t have anywhere near the amount of working supplies for every group to do the same experiment. That’s going to take some careful thinking and planning.)

Here are some photos from that class and this morning’s Relativity class.

For the Mechanics kids, I also put together a little Desmos thing that they can play with to try and see the double interval method for finding velocity off a position-time graph and thinking about what a tangent line is (and if they are real or whatever).

Click that image to go play with the Desmos thing.


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