Day 5: Mass & Change Whiteboards

On our third day of chemistry, we spent most of our time making and discussing whiteboards to represent each part of the mass and change experiments. Here is a great selection of the boards from various parts of the process. (Many of these boards were later edited because of different ideas in the discussions.) I especially loved that multiple groups started doing multiple snapshots of particle diagrams—totally on their own. They wanted to show more of the process.

Lots of cool ideas, and lots of big steps forward in the ability of each class to conduct their own board meetings. They started questioning each other more, being pickier, and thinking more about which features were important and which could vary from group to group.

In the end, we had the idea that the mass only changes when the number of particles changes in the system. More mass? Must be more particles. Less mass? Some particles must have escaped. Same number of particles? The mass stays the same.

One class is a little speedier and also watched a few videos to tie things together at the end, including this one about trees and mass:

Student quote at the end of that video: “My mind is changed. Forever.”

Bonus student quote from Relativity: “Even if you could drive at the speed of light and turn on your headlights, and even if they would project, I don’t think that would help keep you from running into things.”

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