Day 4: Position, Velocity, Acceleration

We sorted ourselves into new (random) groups, worked for a bit, started whiteboarding problems, and finished with our first quiz in Advanced Mechanics.

We were working on this TIPERs problem (pasted into a page in my CAPM packet):

TIPERs Page.png

It’s the first time I’ve used this problem, and I am totally in love with it. Amazing conversations are happening, and the whiteboarding is really productive so far. Definitely a keeper for future years.

Here’s a board that went up for the first two graphs:


And here’s what that board looked like after a few minutes of discussion (including that sketched position-time graph on the bigger board to the left):


Not pictured: a kid from a different group getting up to be the object and demonstrate the motion. Plus lots of awesome conversations about the problem (and about what the answers would be for variations on the problem… all asked and answered by the kids themselves).

We’re also up to our final number of 20 total students in this class at the end of the add/drop period. I know that’s still small for many schools, but we’re basically sitting on each other’s laps in our small classroom. When every kid wants to be there as much as these kids do, though, it’s not a problem. We’re still working on fine tuning how to handle these larger conversations during whiteboarding, but even these first presentations are already pretty good.

Bonus: One of the kids in this class designed and made this beautiful meter stick holder for the classroom. Unbelievable!

How did I get so lucky??

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