Day 1: Carts, Ramps, and Sensors (Oh My)

Today was (finally!) the first day of classes. This year, I’m teaching 1 section of Advanced Mechanics (basically AP 1), 2 sections of a yearlong 9th grade Modeling Chemistry class, and 2 trimesters of other science electives (Special Relativity in the fall, Physics of Sound & Music in the winter).

Advanced Mechanics is a total treat to teach. It’s an amazing group of kids who have chosen to take the class, and many of them are taking a class with me for the third(!!) time. It’s mostly juniors (with 3 seniors), so they almost all had 10 weeks of mechanics with me last year. The different trimesters last year got different distances into CAPM (constant acceleration) (and the seniors never had any mechanics at all), so the first unit is going to be an evening out of everything.

Since some students had basically already done my entire CAPM packet, I had to write a new paradigm activity and put together a new packet that would put everyone on more even footing.

Here’s what I put together (and what we did today)—click to see a larger image of the page:

They finished all of the work and made whiteboards. We only got through two of the boards, so we will finish the rest on Wednesday (and move on to the next part of the packet). I really liked this activity so far, but I will update my opinion once we have all of the board discussions.

I basically can’t believe my luck in putting this class together. Look forward to being sick of how much I brag about them all year.

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