Day 13: First Round of Force Problem Discussions

I wrote about this day last trimester, too.

Today’s class was also great. They stayed in the circle for the entire time, and we got through the first two sections of the first problem. (That’s about the right pace on this and speaks to the depth of the discussion that was happening.)

I paused them a few times to put in a couple of words. “Remember, you only have one law. The best way to convince someone else of your idea is to use that law in your argument.” And “you all do a great job of making sure quieter voices are heard and called on when you present your boards one at a time. That’s tougher when it’s one big discussion because it can easily collapse down to just a few people speaking. So try to be careful to look out for people who want to speak and haven’t had much chance yet.”

On that last front, one student decided to intermittently turn to someone who hadn’t spoken and say, “But what do YOU think, [name of student]?” It was kind of funny, and we would all say that we didn’t want to call people out who weren’t trying to speak, but then that person would usually (after looking really surprised) say something like, “Actually, I do have a question.” So that kind of worked out in a way that I couldn’t have planned and that wouldn’t have worked coming from the teacher in the room.

Packing up at the end of the class.

I was so excited by their discussion today. Can’t wait for the rest of the problem on Friday!

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