Day 7: Cyclists A and B

Here are the 10th graders creating whiteboards to discuss some position-vs-time graphs.


Best part of the discussion was the super picky, super passionate argument about whether you could really make any comment comparing the speed of cyclist A in the old graph and the new graph.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.15.26 AM

“I took out my ruler and protractor and the angles are the same.” vs. “It doesn’t give a scale so we can’t just assume it is the same.” vs. “If they still pass each other at the same time, does that mean the speed still has to be the same?” Etc, etc.

Yes! Be the picky class! That only helps everyone.

We started getting into how to find displacement from a velocity-vs-time graph at the very end of class. Huge amazement when I pointed out that they were basically telling me they were finding the area on the graph each time to figure it out. We’ll finish that, try some problems, and then take a short first test on CVPM next class.

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