Days 25-27: 10th Grade Trip

I spent Wednesday through Friday with the 10th graders on a trip to Massachusetts. The trip is mainly focused on their work in history classes in 9th and 10th grades, but there are definitely some opportunities for other things to happen, so I will have to do some thinking about how future years could get a little science in there (and how 9th and 10th grade science classes might look toward that, too).

Here we are at the spot where Paul Revere was captured.


I also got to go for a little impromptu (on my part) 1.25 mile (or so) run with one of my students right before those photos were taken. The cross country runners knew that the run opportunity was going to happen, but one of them needed a shorter run than the others and so needed another person to go with her (more than 1.25 miles would have been better, too, but I was running in what I was wearing and the timing wouldn’t have worked out for much more). It was fun and also pretty out there, anyway.

I got to spend most of the trip with my own advisory group, which was (of course) really wonderful.

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