Day 24: 9th Graders Whiteboarding

This blog can easily turn into 180 days of whiteboarding. But the whiteboarding never really gets old. So here we go.

Here are some 9th graders getting ready for discussions about the final set of quantitative energy problems in our energy transfer packet.
IMG_1858 IMG_1857

IMG_1860 IMG_1854

One highlight of this set of discussions was a student exclaiming that he had thought he’d understood it, but now he was thinking back through the entire question because of what was put up on a board (which included an intentional mistake). He figured out that he did indeed understand it. The slowing down and demanding reasoning for the work (even your own work) is definitely one of (in my opinion) the best parts of whiteboarding with mistakes.

We have one more board to finish in our next class. Then I’m hoping to do a practicum with them. Then we’ll start investigating oscillating particles, working through an energy transfer lens.

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