Day 55: Ambidextrous Writing

One section of Honors Physics meets for a lab period on Saturday mornings. It’s never the most efficient part of the week, but it has its own groove. We did do some serious work and whiteboarding, and we easily finished the Unbalanced Force Particle Model packet (here comes Momentum, starting Monday!), but we also fit in some laughs and fun. It started with a student writing her whiteboard with her non-dominant hand. Eventually, we started talking about a girl that someone had read about who could write a sentence with from both hands—left hand starting with the beginning of the sentence, right hand starting with the end of the sentence, both meeting in the middle.

Given that it was a Saturday morning class, that idea could not go untried.

Once one student did it, more wanted to try, too, of course.

Love these students. Can’t wait to see what they’ll do with the more open momentum experiment on Monday!

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