Day 5: Hippie grading and first quizzes


“Are we always going to have pop quizzes?”

Okay, so actually the first thing we needed to talk about was the schedule that’s been posted on the class conference on our email system.

But then we talked about why we shouldn’t panic about a quiz, even when we didn’t realize it was coming. A very brief intro to Standards-Based Grading (more commonly known as “Physics Grading” at our school) follows. I don’t talk about A/B objectives (unless they bring it up). I don’t talk about how I will figure out their semester grades or what the exam will be like. I just give them enough to calm them down and get them to understand that the quiz we’re going to take at the end of class will produce supremely temporary scores (and not even a grade at all). That’s enough to start. We’ll pick up more of it as we go along.

Eventually we took our first quiz in each class (yesterday or today), and they wrote on their quizzes when they finished while they checked with my solutions. Usually, we do this in the lab, but another class was borrowing the space during the period when I took the photo.

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